Saturday, July 16, 2005

The NHL is finally done with arbitration.......

Well the NHL is finally done with arbitration. Whether or not they play a whole season is yet to be seen. Don't get me wrong, I love hockey. Too much my last girlfriend would say. What I am irritated with is how slow the process has been. I understand that the players need money, I also understand the owners need money to run the team. What I don't understand is that by going on strike fo soooooo long the NHLPA and the owner assn. is pissing off the fans that give them the money to run the team. Do they think that by going back on the ice it is going to immediatly bring the fans back? Does Baseball ring a bell? Look guys, make hockey great again. Cheap seats, Cheap beer, and good hockey. I'm looking forward to the next season. For more info on this visit, , and visit your favorite hockey team site.

Thunder Chickens Hockey

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Why is the USA full of idiots?

Throughout my travels in the continental US and the world I have found one universal truth. The US is full of ingrates. The neither care nor do they relish learning, understanding, or free thought. The only thing they seem to understand is free money. Look folks, it takes time and money to change the world. Unless you want your taxes to go up, accept slow change. Freedom isn't free.